March 23, 2016

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Seven Reasons to go Crazy for Cork!

Here at Ekokami, there are countless reasons that we love cork. In fact, we love it so much that we designed our flagship product, the Natural Cork Clutch, using it. Most people don't know what a great material cork actually is, so we decided to list out seven reasons we are crazy for cork.

Cork = Comfort

Cork has been associated with physical comfort for centuries. If you are someone who gives a great priority to comfort, cork is your ideal material for accessorizing as well as clothing. Cork also makes for great footwear and is ideal for wedges and heels, as it functions as a natural shock absorber. Cork wedges are a must-have for all your outdoor activities in the spring and summer and there are some great cork flats on the market too!

Cork Compliments YOUR Skin Tone

Cork is naturally a nude shade, and is thus a delightfully neutral colour. From fair to tan, cork compliments all skin tones and will go well with virtually any color you pair it with.

And Your Skin Will Love it!

Those of you with sensitive skin will appreciate the irritation your skin goes through when you wear the wrong material with it. Cork plays nice with skins of all types, and has proven itself to be one of the warmest, comfortable and (surprisingly) soft fabric materials on the market. Another reason cork is ideal for those suffering from skin allergies is that it contains as it contains suberine, which repels insects and bacteria naturally while keeping your accessories healthy. Moreover, since cork is a natural anti-microbial it makes an ideal material for patients suffering from chronic asthma, and other respiratory ailments.

Cork is Hardcore

Cork is not only flattering and eco-friendly, it is also amazingly functional and sturdy. For those dreary rainy days spend dodging muddy puddles, a good pair of water-resistant cork boots will let you walk in comfort and leisure. Cork is nearly impermeable, so you don't need to worry about any water seeping into your bag or boots. And an added bonus of this material is that it is naturally repellent to all kinds of dust, dirt and grease, meaning you can flaunt your fashion sense without the added anxiety of wondering whether your cork gear can hold up during your day-to-day. It can! Due to its powerful cellular composition, cork is an incredibly resistant and durable fabric to wear that is less affected by normal ware and tear than other items in your wardrobe (I'm looking at you, Suede). This means that, while your suede and leather sustain scratches, scuffs, and stains, your cork clothing or accessories will not show as much abuse.

Cork is Eco-Friendly

With cork, you can flaunt your favorite fashion without the guilt of knowing that your wardrobe took a tree to make. This is because, unlike most trees, a cork tree can be harvested about 33 times during its lifespan! And even waste scraps left over from processing are put to use with cork.

Cork is Low-Maintenance (Wash, Cleaning and Maintaining are a Breeze)

Luckily, wearing cork won't lead to a large dry cleaning bill, as a nice spin in the washing machine is all you need to wash your cork items. Can you do that with leather? Even after you spend the entire day running around town, as you sit down for lunch you wonít find any nasty creases diminishing the grace and beauty of your attire. What's more is that cork sets you apart and adds unique personality to your style. Wearing it tells the world that you are eco-friendly and an independent thinker because, in spite of its great utility, cork remains a relatively underused material in fashion. Though we at Ekokami are aiming to change that :) Leather? Been there, done that. Suede? Sure, if you like stains. Cork? When you have a material that is as durable as it is comfortable, sure, why not?!

Cork Works Year-Round

The lightweight softness, comfort and neutral color make cork the perfect fabric for spring and summer. The water resistant properties and durability make it ideal for the harsh days of winter. When the rain won't go away, you can sleep easy knowing that your cork is up to the task. And because it place nice with water, cork fares very well in humid environments as well. You can think of cork as leather's lighter, softer, and overall cooler younger cousin. It won't retain stains and is an ecologically sustainable material to use, so you can enjoy it with a clear conscience.
Bas van der Wals
Bas van der Wals