November 01, 2014

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Window farming as an enhancement to sustainable living condition

Sustainable design to boost the overall eco lifestyle with indoor gardening

Description: There are different techniques in which women have adapted to enhance their indoor home surroundings. Window farming, also known as indoor gardening is one of the methods most women have opted to incorporate in their design ideas due to its sustainability.

In order to understand the incorporation of indoor gardening as a reputable sustainable design, there are many factors that need to be discussed. Generally, it is primary to understand the differences that encompass achieving sustainable living conditions by employing the principles of sustainable design, which in this case can be achieved through certain practices such as window farming among other eco lifestyle practices.

How is sustainability achieved through window farming?

The principles incorporated in sustainable design are based on different factors. For one, it is necessary to understand that the practical application might vary depending on the disciplines although by the end of the day, the objectives will be sidelined to one singular path. Sustainability in this case is ensured by the use of

  • Materials that require little energy- these materials are mostly referred to as low impact materials. The objective is to choose non-toxic materials which can either be those sustainably produced for that particular purpose or recycled materials that would not need a lot of energy in order to process them.
  • Products that require lesser energy highly endorsed when coming up with the best eco lifestyle. Note that these materials should also be of the best quality and able to last longer.

Understanding a window farm and sustainable ideas

Women have grown fond of indoor gardening these days as it is the perfect way to bring beauty in their homes and minimize on those industrially produced toxic substances that could act as risk factors in terms of health. Window farms allow sustainable lifestyle since it’s a composition of nature in high design. For urban dwellers, it has become their gardening fantasies and indeed, a vision for every eye that loves natural beauty.

Why choose indoor gardening as interior and exterior sustainable designs

According to the bill of rights for planet earth and the sustainability measures that experts have decided to employ, there is no easier way to eliminate the concept of waste other than optimizing the full life-cycle produces to ensure standard among other rights. In all, before architects sit down to come up with the design of a new building, a lot of things are incorporated thus why people talk of sustainable architecture, sustainable landscapes and garden designs as well as organic farming among others.

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