Ekokami is a boutique design studio that creates high-end bags from recycled cork and other sustainable materials. Though the design and management team is Dutch, Ekokami is located in HCMC (Vietnam) and Hong Kong.


Ekokami was founded by Danielle Manor who is a product and textile designer with a passion for materials, texture and innovation.


Function and comfort are the most important aspects for bag design. We love nature, architecture, textures, patterns, geometric shapes and new trends! Our most recent collection is made with Cork and recycled leather.


Cork is harvested by stripping the outer bark of the cork oak, which then re-grows over the years. At the end of the product life cycle, the material is just as Eco-friendly! Cork is 100% recyclable.

The cork is extremely light, waterproof, flexible, resistant, isolating and environmentally friendly. It is a natural fabric extracted from the cork oak tree that thrives in the Mediterranean.


Both to the physical and visual touch, cork fabric offers a feel like no other. Some compare it to leather but really there is nothing in this world that is comparable.

Ekokami cork fabric is available in a unique assortment of designs to stimulate every outlook and taste.